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Our Physical Location has permanently closed. Please welcome Nourish Botanica, the Black woman owned and operated wholeness and wellness centered business amplifying Black joy to our former space!


Zumbido Atlanta was slated to open in February 2020. The year had other ideas. Working for racial and social justice took priority over opening the shop, which the pandemic forced to delay. We hope you and your loved ones continue to heal and take advantage of the wonderful offerings Nourish Botanica brings to our Beloved Community in Joyland, SW Atlanta.

Zumbido continues accepting virtual personal shopping appointments. Email to connect

Ethically Made, Ethically Sourced

Fair and Direct Trade * Local as well as Global

* Art * Home Decor * Accessories * Jewelry * Textiles * Pottery * Toys


Fair Trade Hand Crafted Gifts

Intentionally Sourced from Around the World and Across Our Nation

We are proud to bring you an assortment of handcrafted jewelry, fiber arts (including gorgeous handwoven scarves, table linens and handbags of the finest silk, linen and cotton), and home decor (such as recycled steel drum art created in Haiti and hand sculpted clay masks from Ecuador).



Proudly Supporting Georgia Makers and Also Featuring Select Curated Items from across the USA.

One of our favorite local talents, artist Dawn M. Trimble, has chosen Zumbido Atlanta to showcase her ethereal watercolors! We also offer fantastic educational toys from family owned Pomegranate Press (their historical knowledge decks are fun for youth and adults alike), and stunning greeting cards by Pacific Northwest Artist Elizabeth VanDuine. (Photo credit: Dawn M. Trimble)


Mine Direct Crystals

Ethically sourced because no one should be harmed while bringing the earth's goodness to market

Our Founder/Manager hand selected the crystals offered for sale from small, family owned mining and polishing operations in Zimbabwe, Spain, Uruguay, Mexico, India, Peru, and more just for you! (Photo credit: Zumbido Atlanta, 2020; crystals featured are ethically sourced black tourmaline, lithium included quartz, and malachite from the fabulous Suzanna @mineralogyproject)


Upcycled Plastic Gift Boxes

Made by women artisans in South Africa to combat the glut of plastic bottles crowding landfills, these boxes are as lovely as they are multi-functional!

We are proud to partner with All Women Recycling to bring you the original Klikety-Klik Boxes in three handy sizes!

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